The poles decided to defuse the fire by a shell during the Second world war and died

Two men died in Poland after an attempt to defuse the found shell of times of the Second world war. They threw him in the fire that led to the detonation of the munition. On Sunday, October 22, according to Polish newspaper PAP.

44-year-old man died on the spot, his 42-year-old friend in a few hours died in hospital from his injuries.

According to preliminary data, the friends found an unexploded shell in the woods. The men decided to try to heat it up, lit close to home, one of them a fire and threw the ammunition into the fire.

During a search of the poles found a collection of military paraphernalia, including helmets, badges, bayonets, and weapons.

In July in Germany found an incendiary bomb during the Second world war in a kindergarten among the toys. It turned out that it was brought in after a walk in the woods, someone from children.