The HRC will offer Putin the reform of the electoral system

The HRC will offer Putin the reform of the electoral system

HRC prepared for the President a report on the results of the elections on 10 September. It proposes electoral reform: mitigate municipal filter, specification of the grounds for early voting, creation of an online study of the voter.

The list of reforms

The working group of the presidential Council on human rights (HRC) has prepared a report on the results of the September single day of voting. In conclusion, the report (there RBC) the members of the Council proposed to change or improve the practice of the municipal filter. For example, the municipal deputies should be allowed to support more than one candidate in the head of the region or replace the filter municipal election Deposit or the collection of voters ‘ signatures, the report said.

Previously, “Kommersant” reported that in early November, the members of the HRC at the traditional meeting with Vladimir Putin will present to him a report analysing the regional, municipal and local elections which took place on 10 September. One of the authors of the report, Ilya shablinsky, told RBC that the working group will meet with the President on October 30.

In addition to mitigate municipal filter, the report proposes to increase the proportion of party representatives in election commissions and to develop ways to protect election Commission members from the “wrongful influence on them.” Human rights activists also offer secure observer status for representatives of the HRC, the Public chamber and the commissioners for human rights.

The authors of the report propose a series of reforms aimed at increasing awareness about the election.

On the information posters in the polling stations, it is necessary to place the portraits of the candidates and the election Commission should help organise public debates between the candidates on the Internet. In addition, it is proposed that personal accounts of voters in the Network in which they would be provided with all the necessary information for the elections.

Another idea of the HRC is to create a unified voter register, which would help to eliminate double-voting and to create an exhaustive list of reasons for early voting, according to members of the Council. Human rights activists suggested that the CEC implement a video surveillance system in all polling stations and to create public Council to include representatives of the presidential Council. To the President the report’s authors came up with a proposal to amend the list of socially important commercial organizations of public associations involved in monitoring the election.