In Dubai touching men’s thigh Scot was sent to prison

In Dubai touching men’s thigh Scot was sent to prison

A resident of Scotland, 27-year-old Jamie Harron, received in Dubai prison sentence for touching the thigh of a stranger. About it reports Reuters.

The incident occurred on July 15 this year at the bar of Rock Bottom. The man, who worked as an electrician in Afghanistan, stayed in the UAE for two days. According to Charron, the school had a lot of people. Fearing to spill the drinks he had made himself up the road and accidentally touched the thigh near the men, 49-the summer inhabitant of the German Jordanian origin, who subsequently called the police.

The court held that Hutton had touched men deliberately and sent him to prison for three months.

However, local media indicate that Germany came from the man called the police after Harron “patted” him on the thigh, and in response to the question of why he did it, Scot showed him the middle finger.

Friend Scot told the newspaper The National, published in the UAE that Harron really touched men, hitting his arm and then patted on the back to show his regret.

Harron lawyers involved in the case, said that he lost because of the incident his job and fears for his fate.

However, he is going to appeal the court’s decision.