Punk star of the 80s accused benny hill of harassment

Punk star of the 80s accused benny hill of harassment

MOSCOW, 22 Oct — RIA Novosti. Punk star of the 1980s, singer and actress hazel O’connor in an interview with Daily Mirror said that the famous comedian benny hill had offered her a job in return for sexual services.

When she was 21 years old, O’connor has come to audition for the role of a “girls benny hill” for his popular show. As soon as she entered his apartment, the comic began to show her a photo of her potential colleagues.

“He showed me pictures of these sexy women and all said that “they care”. And then he said to me, “Hmm, I need to know, and you will take care of me?” and tried to kiss me,” — said the singer.

Connor added that she was so disgusted that she pushed him away and left.

“I know what he meant by “taken care of” — sex. It still pisses me off,” admitted the singer.

Alfred Hawthorne “benny” hill — one of the most famous English comedians of the last century. In 1955, he launched a humorous program “benny hill”, which appeared as an actor, Director and composer. Many issues were a parody of celebrities, movies, series, and also contains elements of political satire.

The show led the ratings for over ten years. In 1991 the program was closed, and a year later the comedian passed away.

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