The journalist “the New newspaper” Ali Feruz refused to grant asylum in Russia

Ali Feruz

Basmanny court of Moscow upheld the refusal of the Chief Directorate for migration, Ministry of internal Affairs to grant temporary asylum to the correspondent “the New newspaper” Ali Feruz (real name Hudaberdi Nurmatov). About it reports on Friday, October 20, “the Media”.

The defense intends to appeal the ruling. The journalist’s lawyer Irina Biryukova said that now they will decide on how to send it to a third country.

According to the Express ruling of the European court of human rights (ECHR), Feruza prohibited to deport pending the consideration of his complaint to the ECHR. Now the reporter is located in the Moscow center of temporary detention of migrants.

Feruza was detained August 1, next to the office and was taken to the police station under the pretext of identification. The next day, the Basmanny court took the decision to expel him to Uzbekistan on the basis of article 18.8 of the administrative offences code (“Violation by a foreign citizen and person without citizenship of rules of entrance or the regime of stay in Russia”).

The journalist left Uzbekistan in 2008, allegedly due to pressure from local security services. He is afraid to return home, where, according to him, he was waiting for the torture. After the court decision on deportation 2 Aug Ali Feruz tried to commit suicide.