Full list of women accusing Harvey Weinstein, and their statements

Full list of women accusing Harvey Weinstein, and their statements

The account goes on tens.

A little over a week since the New York Times published a shocking investigation about sexual harassment young Actresses from the legendary producer Harvey Weinstein. It all began with a few charges, but now the expense of women, accusing Weinstein of harassment and sexual abuse already goes on tens. We have compiled a complete list of onlineclinic and give their statements.


In an interview with The New York Times Ashley Judd said that he had met with Weinstein in 1997 while working on the film “Kiss the girls”. Then, the producer invited her to a meeting in one of the hotels in Beverly hills, the actress took for the invitation for Breakfast. But when she came to the meeting, Weinstein called her to my room. When Judd rose, the producer met her in a robe, offered to massage him and observe how he takes a shower. “As soon as possible to get out of this room, not picking a fight with Harvey Weinstein?”, thought Judd then.

I said “no” many times, but he always offered something in return. This was bargaining, coercive bargaining. I panicked, I felt trapped.Ashley Cadastres

In the end, to leave the room, she joked that he should get an Oscar for a Weinstein movie before I let him touch them. Later Ashley Judd admitted that “the women were talking among themselves Harvey Weinstein for many years, but was not the time to talk about it publicly.”


Model Zoe Brock placed on the platform Medium post Frank post about sexual harassment by Harvey Weinstein at the Cannes film festival in 1997.

As a model I used to sew predatory men and nasty izvraschencev Blockmodel

That is why at first the producer didn’t frighten her, so the model agreed to go to his room for some group meetings. In fact, Brock was left with Weinstein alone. He came to her naked and asked her if she wanted to massage him. Model immediately locked him in the bathroom, then criticized it. Brock says that the producer immediately began to apologize.

“I felt that he sincerely repents. He almost cried. But I also have to say that he didn’t even realize how indiscriminate were these “apologies”. How many girls were there? Do this shit happened every day?”, — posted by Zoe.


If you believe the scandalous article in the Times, McGowan reached an agreement with Harvey Weinstein in 1997 after the incident in his room during the Sundance Film Festival.

As compensation the producer has paid the actress $100,000, but it was not an admission of guilt.

Tycoon only wanted to “avoid litigation and to buy peace”, says the Times. And if the first McGowan refused to comment on the article, after erupted around Weinstein storms she has published in his Twitter a series of incriminating posts, which openly said: “Harvey Weinstein raped me.”


Laura Madden was working for Weinstein in 1991. Then he offered her a massage in the hotels of Dublin and London. “It was very manipulative,” she said in a conversation with the Times.

You’re constantly asking yourself — am I the only one who has faced a similar problem?Laura Maddenia employee Weinstein


After the Times article, the artist and writer Lisa Campbell published in the newspaper The Times of London an article which said that the charges against Weinstein seemed to her “strikingly familiar”. She recalled a meeting with a producer that occurred in 1995. Then Campbell was in his room and hurried off as soon as he asked her to “jump him in the bathroom.”


During the show Sunday Night with Megyn Kelly on NBC actress Lauren Sivan said that Harvey Weinstein molested her at the restaurant, Manhattan’s Ciprian, who was at the time closed to the public, began to masturbate right in front of her and ejaculated in the flower pot. “I couldn’t believe, what I became,” says Sivan.

It was disgusting and even pathetic… This rude act was vile on its own, but the most humiliating part was the fact that 20 minutes earlier we had a terrific conversation, and I felt great, flattered by his attention.Lauren Separates

“And then a few minutes later he tells me: “Stay here and be quiet”. He destroyed all the warm feelings for him, and I realized, “Oh, that’s what it all means.


In conversation with Ronan Farrow. from The New Yorker for one more incriminating material against Harvey Weinstein actress Asia Argento said that the producer invited her to a party at the Hôtel du Cap-Eden-Ro on the French Riviera, but on arrival she found in his room, Weinstein one. Dressed in a Bathrobe, he forced her to perform oral sex, although she continuously told him to stop. “He terrified me, he was so big. It did not end. It was a nightmare,” shared the actress.

Her meeting with Weinstein was repeated several times in the next five years, and she claims to feel “obligated” to fulfill his every whim.

“After the rape, he won,” she held the line in The New Yorker.


For the same article in The New Yorker, actress Jessica Barth said that during the “Golden globe” in 2011, Harvey Weinstein invited her to a business meeting to talk about her career. When she arrived at the hotel, he called and said to go up to his room where she discovered sushi and champagne.

The producer offered her a role in the film and demanded a massage from what Bart refused and tried to leave.

Then he flared up and said that she needed to lose weight, “to be able to compete with Mila kunis” before meeting one of its leaders. “He gave me her number I left and started to cry,” said the actress.


French actress and Director Emma de Caunes, told The New Yorker that in 2010, Harvey Weinstein invited her to lunch in Paris, where he said that it is considering her for a role in one of his paintings, and asked him to go to his room to get a copy of the book that supposedly was going to film. In the room, Weinstein went to the bath, and came out of it naked and with an erection.

I was stunned, but didn’t want to show him this because I felt that the more I lost, the more he vozbuzhdeniem de Conectarse and Director


Costume designer dawn Dunning met with Harvey Weinstein in 2003 in a nightclub — at the time she was working as a waitress and dreamed of becoming an actress. According to her, the tycoon promised to give her a sample picture produced by his company Miramax, and appointed a meeting in the hotel. When Dunning arrived, he met her in a robe, laying in front of the girl three contracts, said that she can sign them if you agree to a Threesome. Stunned by such a proposal Dunning decided that Weinstein was joking, to which he immediately replied, “You never realize themselves in this business. It works that way”. At this moment the girl left the room and the producer has not ceased to respond to calls to his assistant. After that she decided not to build a career as an actress and began designing costumes.


The Italian model was the victim of harassment Harvey Weinstein in 2015 and reported him to the NYPD.

The next day, armed with a wire, she met him in a hotel in Manhattan and recorded the conversation, which is now published in the investigation of The New Yorker.

On the audio you hear that Weinstein touched Battilana breast, describing such behavior as “normal” and insisted she joined him in the bathroom, warning: “don’t ruin your friendship with me in 5 minutes”.