The EU has refused to Fund Turkey’s membership in the Association

The EU has refused to Fund Turkey’s membership in the Association

Moscow. 20 Oct. INTERFAX.RU — the EU summit which takes place in Brussels, agreed in General with the termination of allocation of Turkey 4.45 billion Euro until 2020, which were scheduled to support its accession to the European Union countries, a media report said.

The proposal was made by the German Chancellor Angela Merkel. “We appealed to the European Commission with a request to develop recommendations for changes and reductions in assistance for membership”, — she told reporters on the first day of the summit.

This proposal is based on the Merkel allegations that in Turkey human rights are violated that does not meet the criteria for EU membership.

In support of the termination of funding was made by the Prime Minister of Belgium Charles Michel, who told reporters that negotiations on Turkey’s accession to the EU “de-facto frozen” and the funds for its membership should be reallocated to other needs.

The German Chancellor, however, acknowledged that the “no majority” in the issue of the immediate cessation of negotiations with Turkey, on the other hand, she said, “there is considerable skepticism in connection with the current situation.”

However, as others have noted, the final document no details of the summit’s decisions on the Turkish question, but merely mentioned that “the EU discussed the relations with Turkey.”