Blocking hunger a shot, it was possible to reduce the weight

Blocking hunger a shot, it was possible to reduce the weight

Injection of protein, reduce the appetite, helped the monkeys to get rid of excess weight and reduced the risk of developing diabetes.

The details of the survey can be found in Science Translational Medicine.

Scientists led Muriel Variant from the pharmaceutical company Amgen was interested in the protein GDF15, which naturally regulates the body weight of humans and animals. Previously, scientists gave injections of this protein to mice suffering from obesity. In the end, the rodents began to eat less and lose weight. Several research groups have tried to develop on the basis of GDF15 drugs to treat obesity, but the protein is too rapidly destroyed in the bloodstream.

Scientists managed to find a way to “extend the work of the” GDF15 in the body. The authors added to the protein fragment antibodies (a protein of the immune system to help identify foreign molecules in the body).

After injection, the monkeys were eating 40% less food. With weekly injections for about six weeks, the animals lost 10% of body weight. In addition, decreased probability of diabetes of the second type.

The researchers noted that a hybrid protein GDF15 did not cause any notable side effects in monkeys. Scientists need to conduct clinical trials to determine how effective such therapy for people.