German intelligence was accused of provoking the attack in Berlin

The informant of the criminal police of the Federal state of North Rhine-Westphalia in Germany, incited terrorist Anise Amri, who ran over 12 people at the Christmas fair in Berlin, to carry out the attack. To such conclusion the journalists of the newspaper Berliner Morgenpost and broadcaster RBB in the course of its investigation.

According to them, the police informant under the code VP-01 (Vertrauensperson, the Trustee) encouraged different members of the group, Abu Shafts, main coordinator of the terrorist group “Islamic state” (IG) in Germany, to make an attack on Germany.

Internal report of land counterintelligence publishing learned that it was including about the terrorist attack using a truck. For this job VP-01 looking for a special person.

During the investigation, reporters found that the police informant often spent time with Anis Amri and even brought him to his home.

Criminal police office North Rhine-Westphalia has not commented on this information.

19 December last year in Berlin was made the largest terrorist attack in Germany in recent years. Joined the is militants Tunisian Anis Amri drove his truck through a crowd at a Christmas market in Central Berlin. 12 people were killed, another 48 injured. The assailant fled. The German government has described the incident as a terrorist attack. Amri was declared wanted, he was later murdered in Milan in a shootout with Italian police.