The new regulations of traffic police: what awaits us tomorrow

The new regulations of traffic police: what awaits us tomorrow

October 20, 2017 in Russia enters into force the new regulations of traffic police (MIA order No. 664). Than it threatens us? Tell about the most important.

1. Camera control can be put anywhere. Previously there was a ban on the installation of automatic cameras in the area of time constraints. And this point raises the most questions — what happens if the cops start to put on the highway signs of “40” and then send fines by post to improve the statistics? In the traffic police claim that the kinks should not be: the camera will be fined only at the time of repair, and if it is on paper ended, “chain letters” will not come (even if the camera has not yet removed).

2. The inspectors had the opportunity to stop drivers to check anywhere — before they could do it just for the posts. They say that in Russia in recent years three-fold reduction in the number of posts. And check drivers you need. Although we note that previously the inspectors had no problems with a stop on the road: it was necessary only to give a reason (e.g. suspicion of theft).

3. The Regulations no longer says that the inspector should not interfere with the video communication with the driver. And this also caused a lot of questions. On the one hand, the law still does not prevent to remove inspector. But what if the officer at night on the road will need to remove the smartphone and erase the record? Not whether to impute to the driver then the violation of article 19,3 of the administrative code “failure to comply with the officer”? 15 days for easy to. In traffic police say that the inspector will ask to stop shooting only if the driver will start to “interfere” or, for example, in the area of counter-terrorism activities.

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4. Inquiries about the accident to give no longer. Drivers after accident will receive only copies of protocols and regulations. I hope very much that insurance companies will stop their demand (for in the law on insurance is the norm is still present, as with many rules of companies in the case of the hull policies).