In Scotland earned the world’s first floating wind farm

In Scotland earned the world’s first floating wind farm

The Hywind power plant is 30 megawatts.

The Norwegian company Statoil, in conjunction with the Arabic Masdar 18 Oct 2017 launched in the Scottish Aberdeenshire the world’s first floating wind farm Hywind. According to the Norwegian company, the new plant with a capacity of 30 megawatts earned into the sea 25 miles off the coast. She started to supply electricity to the grid of the city of Peterhead.

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The coast and marine areas, somewhat remote from it, are some of the most successful locations for the wind turbines because of temperature contrast between water and land here there are often air flow is sufficient to generate electricity power.

However, existing conventional technology does not allow to install wind generators offshore, where the water depth exceeds 60 meters. Technology stable of floats used in the Hywind, allows you to place wind generators on water with depth up to 800 meters. This technology will allow countries with access to the sea, to place on the water for more wind turbines.