American fried two sons in the oven

In the American city of Atlanta (GA) 24-year-old mother accused of killing two young sons. It is reported by The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. According to investigators, the woman placed the boys, who was a year and two years, in the oven.

According to guards, the American called the father of her children showed in using their bodies. The man immediately called the police. It turned out that another son of the couple, three year old Jamil, was not injured. The older girl, who is six years old, this day was visiting relatives.

As the newspaper notes, the mother of many children suffered from mental disorder but did not seek medical attention. The disease worsened after the death of her father and the birth of four children. About a month ago, she quit her job, because I couldn’t find a babysitter for the kids.

Close friend told me that the woman in fact, she had children not getting the necessary help from their father.

The woman claims that she left her sons with friends and found two of them dead when he returned home. However, the police in this version does not believe.