The main fighter with extremism proposed to punish teachers for children protesters

The head of the MIA in counteraction to extremism (Center “e”) Timur Valiulin at the meeting of the presidential Council on human rights proposed to punish teachers and parents for children’s participation in protests, RIA Novosti reported on Tuesday, October 17.

According to Valiulina, it is necessary to amend the legislation, “the responsibility has increased not only in relation to children who do not know what is coming”. Teachers, in his opinion, should be punished because they “are responsible not only for tuition but for education”.

Law enforcement agencies are concerned about the change in the average age of the protesters. “The statistics show that the percentage of young people who participate in them increases,” said Valiullin.

May 17, Minister of education and science Olga Vasilieva said about the need to work with the protest of youth, which is “against all the bad for all good.”

24 may it was reported that at the disposal of the media there is a written document of the Ministry of education of the Samara region “on strengthening of anti-extremist and Patriotic agitation among the students”. In particular, teachers were asked to tell the children about the wrecking activities of Alexei Navalny and the opposition, which is criminal and destroys the foundations of the state.