The suburbs will be directed to the state program about 460 billion rubles

Irina Smirnova

Moscow will allocate around 460 billion rubles for the implementation of state programs in 2018, said the Deputy Chairman of the government of the Moscow region Irina Smirnova. Her words to the correspondent “” on Tuesday, October 17.

“More than 457 billion rubles will be spent on state programs and 3.5 billion rubles for the implementation of the targeted program in 2018, which is about 94 per cent of total budget expenditures”, — said Smirnov.

She added that the own income of the region formed at the level of 460 billion rubles. Another 18 billion roubles will come in the framework of gratuitous receipts from the Federal budget.

Earlier Tuesday, Smirnov said that next year the region plans to implement four new programmes: “creating comfortable environment”, “Development of engineering infrastructure and energy efficiency”, “Digital suburbs”, “the management of the property and finances of the Moscow region”.

The Moscow regional Duma adopts the draft budget of Moscow region for the year 2018 and the planning period 2019-2020 October 26. The Governor Andrei Vorobyov called one of the differences the new budget increased spending on the construction of schools and the abolition of negative transfers.