Researchers from Germany found a place where the Amber room is hidden

Researchers from Germany found a place where the Amber room is hidden

MOSCOW, 17 Dec — RIA Novosti. The amber room could be hidden in one of the caves of the Ore mountains in the South of Saxony near Dresden. As reported by The Daily Mail, said that three German researchers.

The search in this place 73-year-old Leonard bloom, 67-year-old Gunter, Eckardt and 71-year-old Peter Lohr began after they contacted a “reliable source”, reported that legendary room is there. ENT with the help of radar scanned the ground in the cave of the Prince, and found a cavity, similar to a bunker.

On the walls we found traces from steel cables that were used for lowering cargo into the depths. According to the georadar, beneath the caves lies the secret tunnel system.Gunther Carddeluxe researcher

The first mention of this cave belong to 1455, however, any evidence of the Third Reich in the archives have not survived. According to the researchers, this suggests that information about her was destroyed.

According to Laura, in favor of the theory that the Amber room is hidden in the cave of the Prince, said the fact that nearby was a railway station, which in April 1945 was spotted train from Konigsberg. He also believes that the caves may be a treasure of the last monarch of the German Empire, Kaiser Wilhelm II. Now scientists are seeking funds for continued research.

The amber room was created by the German masters for the Prussian king Friedrich I, and then presented to Peter I.

In 1941, German troops stole from the Tsarskoye Selo Palace and transported it to Konigsberg.

The amber panels were placed in the Royal castle in the capital of East Prussia. During the retreat of the Wehrmacht in the spring of 1945 the room was gone. Among the possible storage locations of a lost treasure called the Kaliningrad oblast, Germany, Poland and the Czech Republic.