The drunk inhabitant of Komi has washed the cat a friend in the car and got under a consequence

In Komi Republic the police initiated a criminal case (under article 245 of the criminal code) in respect of 37-year-old resident of the city of Ukhta who put the cat his girlfriend in the washing machine, turned it and removed the painful death of the animal in the video. This is stated on the website of the Republican interior Ministry on Monday, October 16.

“The suspect was earlier repeatedly brought to trial, in January of this year, optinet was released from imprisonment places”, — stated in the text. Currently, he was released under recognizance not to leave.

It is established that at the time of the offence he was drunk. A record of the abuse of cat man posted on social networks.

The incident occurred on the night of 13 October, writes “Komsomolskaya Pravda in Syktyvkar”. “Laundry service” lasted about half an hour and some time on the record were heard the cries of an animal trying to get out. The cat from the edge of the drum machine was broken all the bones.

After the massacre the man put the animal in a tray, photographed and sent pictures of his mistress. The woman wrote a statement to the police together with the police came home to take out all your stuff.

In the network more than two and a half thousand people signed a petition demanding to punish the butcher and to sentence him to actual imprisonment.