Action “fast” check in connection with the death of actor Maranova

Action “fast” check in connection with the death of actor Maranova

Moscow. 16 Oct. INTERFAX.RU — the suburban the investigators will verify the information media about the fact that the death of actor Dmitry Marjanov connected with the refusal of doctors to hospitalize him, said the representative of the regional Central Board of the Investigative Committee (SK) Elena Fokina.

“On October 16 in the media have spread information that on the evening of 15 October in the city Lobnya Moscow region doctors refused to promptly provide medical assistance to the 47-year-old actor Dmitry Marjanova, causing the latter died,” said Fokine on Monday, “Interfax”.

According to the investigation, Maryanov was taken to a medical facility by car friends.

For its part informed source told “Interfax” that the call “emergency” was cancelled, as friends of the actor brought him to the hospital by car, accompanied by the crew of traffic police.

“Together with the police patrol post, it was decided not to waste time waiting for the medical team,” said the source.

On the eve informed source told “Interfax” that the actor Dmitry Maryanov died 15 October in the 48th year of life.

According to the source, Maryanov were driving in the suburbs with friends. Suddenly he became ill, the driver stopped at a traffic police post. Maryanov was taken to hospital in Lobnya, but to save him failed.