Björk told about sexual harassment by Lars von Trier

Björk told about sexual harassment by Lars von Trier

Singer Bjork has released a post on Facebook in which he spoke about his experiences of sexual harassment from the Director on the set. According to Bjork, when she began to act in films, I discovered that in the industry it is normal if a Director sticks to the Actresses and allows sexual harassment.

Björk notes that rejected the harassment of the Director, but he created “a network of illusions, and made me the person who created the problem.”

According to björk, she managed to endure insults and harassment in the first place thanks to its own strength, the support of her environment and the fact that she never had any ambition in the movie.

Björk notes that in her opinion, the Director became better relate to the actress after the incident. The name of the Director in his speech never calls, but notes that we are talking about Dane. The only Danish Director, with whom she worked — Lars von Trier.

I’m afraid that the other Actresses who worked with the same man, not [experienced this like I do]. The Director knew what he was doing, and I’m sure his next film was based on the experience that happened to me.Björk

Icelander björk Gudmunsdottir known primarily as a singer, but she repeatedly acted in films. The most famous film with her participation — “Dancer in the dark” by Lars von Trier.

Previously, Bjork told me that she extremely did the heavy work in the movie, and after “Dancing in the dark” she decided never to appear. Von Trier, in turn, criticized her for her lack of discipline and noted that the singer could have a few days gap from the set.

In early October of 2017, The New York Times and The New Yorker released an investigation about sexual harassment by Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein.

Subsequently, Angelina Jolie, Asia Argento and many other Actresses said that he had experienced harassment by Weinstein in different periods of his career, and that his behavior was well known in the industry. Weinstein lost his job, now his attitude under investigation in the US and the UK.