Baghdad failed to peacefully return to Kirkuk

Baghdad failed to peacefully return to Kirkuk

Authorities are claiming the independence of Iraqi Kurdistan this morning said that government forces launched a military operation in the Kirkuk area. According to the position of Erbil, after the referendum on independence for the region this city should belong to them. However, to yield to his Baghdad is not going to. In the first place because of huge oil and multinational population, which constitute of not only the Kurds but also the Arabs and the Turkomans. Also last night Baghdad to maintain hope for a peaceful solution of the problem: there was a speech even about “cooperation between government forces and troops of the Peshmerga”.


The security Council of Iraqi Kurdistan, where on 25 September held a referendum on independence, said that detachments of the Peshmerga (Kurdish armed forces) destroyed at least five jeeps Humvee that government forces have used for attacks on the city. Kurdish Council said on Twitter about the use of Abrams tanks by Iraqi forces.

As reported, citing the Iraqi military channel Sky News Arabia, they have managed to take control of a gas field and a power plant. Later it was confirmed by the representative of the Kurdish military — Brigadier General Bahzad Ahmed. In addition, he blamed the forces of the enemy in war crimes, saying that Iraqi forces are “burned many houses and killed many people” in the settlements Tuz-khormato and Dacuk to the South of the city.