Putin has imposed sanctions against the DPRK

Putin has imposed sanctions against the DPRK

Moscow. 16 Oct. INTERFAX.RU — Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a decree providing for sanctions against North Korea in response to the missile and nuclear tests.

The decree, published on the official portal of legal information, signed in connection with the adoption of UN security Council resolution 2321 31 November 2016. It shall enter into force from the day of its signing.

In accordance with the adopted resolution, in order to prevent development and resource provision of prohibited programs, the DPRK has imposed additional international sanctions restricting cooperation with this country in the military-technical, trading-economic, financial, transport and education sectors.

The decree complements a number of provisions, including a list of individuals and entities associated with the DPRK’s nuclear programme or its ballistic missile programme, are subject to restrictions.

Metals, banks, helicopters and equipment

According to the explanatory note to the draft decree, the measures imposed by resolution SB 2321, impose additional prohibitions on trade, economic, banking, financial and scientific-technical cooperation with the DPRK.

In trading-economic area it is prohibited to purchase in the DPRK, copper, Nickel, silver and zinc.

This remains under UN security Council resolution 2270 dated March 2, 2016, the exception for the project on the transit of Russian coal through the JSC Russian Railways through the North Korean port of Rajin for subsequent export to third countries.

From the explanatory notes of the financial and banking line the States members of the United Nations required within 90 days from the date of adoption of the resolution to close all offices of their banks in the DPRK. Individuals and organizations are prohibited from funding support for trade with North Korea to both government and private channels.