Spitting on property Latynina chemical turned deadly

Yulia Latynina

The chemical that was doused with the house and car of the journalist of “Novaya Gazeta” Yulia Latynina in the summer of 2017, is an extremely toxic and posed a threat to life Latynina and her family. Evidence of an independent examination is published on the website of “Novaya Gazeta”.

After the incident, “Novaya Gazeta” sent samples of the chemical to the independent expert. “The detected connections represent a high degree of danger to life and health”, — quotes the edition of excerpts from the expert opinion. He found that a car and a house Latynina was poured dimetilformamida (DMF) and high molecular phthalates. These substances are extremely toxic.

“Phthalates are highly hazardous substances, which are capable of forming life-threatening concentrations, even in small amounts,” — said the expert. He also indicated that phthalates can cause cancer and problems with asthma, and may also be absorbed through the skin and spread around the body, turning into monoethylfumarate that have a negative impact on the respiratory function of the lungs, affect the kidneys and liver.

Dimethylformamide, in turn, has a strong irritant effect on mucous membranes and skin, specified in the report. When it is ingested, injury to the liver and kidneys, and the approximate lethal dose of DMF is ten grams.

“Now edition “the New newspaper” there is every reason to believe that the summer attack on the house of Yulia Latynina — not hooliganism, and cruel action committed socially dangerous way, which — if not the case — could lead to irreversible consequences. And not only for our columnist Yulia Latynina and her parents, but also for neighbors — including the elderly and children. Health if not the lives of eight people was under threat”, — stated in the publication edition.

Yulia Latynina said that he left Russia on 9 September. According to her, the decision was made after the arson of her car a week earlier. As stated by the reporter, after the incident when her house was sprayed with “sweet-smelling liquid,” she has publicly addressed those who did it, and asked, “at least not to touch your parents”, but, apparently, it did not stop customer’s attacks.

Car Latynina was burned on the morning of 3 September. The fire was noticed by the parents of the journalist. Her father woke up from a sharp clap, and then went outside and saw the car burning. Firefighters arrived approximately ten minutes when the car is almost completely burned out.

According to the journalist, the arson was committed by people who invaded her house in July. However, arrived on the scene, the investigator told her that the fire could be caused by faulty wiring.

On the night of July 19, the house in Peredelkino Latynina poured foul-smelling liquid. According to the statement of the journalist, while eight people were injured, including four elderly people and two children. The police in the course of the inspection found that the spilled liquid health risks is not.