Drunken German soldiers smashed the bar in Lithuania

Drunken German soldiers from the NATO mission staged a brawl in the bar of the Lithuanian city Rukla, after which one soldier required hospitalization. It is reported by Spiegel.

The incident occurred a few weeks ago. Holidaymakers in the bar at night soldiers controversy ensued, quickly transfered into the “wild brawl”, says Spiegel. The two brawlers were able to separate their colleagues, and then arrived at the scene the police of the city. One soldier was sent to a local hospital, the other soldiers returned to the barracks.

On 5 July it was reported that in the Lithuanian city of Jonava beaten by four unknown soldiers of the Bundeswehr is part of NATO battalion, deployed in the Republic. Injured in a skirmish the German soldiers were in a state of alcoholic intoxication.

In February in the Lithuanian Klaipeda was detained five drunk and aggressive Czech soldiers. According to the police, police arrived on call to the night club where rowdy, drunken soldiers. To pacify foreign military, police had to use stun guns.