Surgut officials transplanted to a taxi for the sake of saving

The authorities of Surgut intend to reduce the city’s expenditures, grafting officials with service vehicles on a taxi. Therefore, the municipality plans to save 40 million rubles — the money will be spent to Finance priority projects. This was reported on the website of the city administration.

Local authorities felt that thus Surgut only in 2017 will save 17 million rubles, and in subsequent years this amount will be much higher. The fleet, which was used by the officials, will be almost completely sold out, and lost the drivers will be employed.

According to the mayor of Surgut Vadim Shuvalov, the goal of the new initiative is not only to save on transportation costs, but also to promote the development of taxi service to the city. In the near future Surgut will be a competition between local taxi companies that “honest work in the market.”

Previously, the decision to transplant officials to taxi announced in the Udmurt Republic and the Federal Ministry of Finance. Due to this, the Department has saved over 11 million rubles. In the future, learn from the experience of Surgut and the Ministry of Finance planning in Moscow and Tatarstan.