The details of the Khabarovsk blockade of the village by armed men

Unknown, who blocked the only land route from the village is situated in the village of Okhotsk (Khabarovsk Krai), were inspectors of the Federal Agency for fishery, setting a control post. About it “” said local resident Tatyana Reshetnikova.

According to her, people are not allowed to drive up to the water closer than 300 meters, fines for various violations: unregistered boat, no ship numbers or documents, lack of documents confirming the right to manage the boat.

“We are here live in the boonies, no one before us was not the case, and here come the aliens dictating us how to live on our land,” complains Reshetnikova. She added that the inspectors of the Agency who installed them post from the management office of the neighboring region — the Magadan region.

“Why they put your post with us? Not higher or lower on the river, namely on a single crossing. They just need to implement its plan for penalties,” said the woman. Local residents have to pay fines of 2-3 thousand rubles, not all are able to pay for them.

“We have all the documents in our boat, my husband passed special training and still stick to us, like the boat away, but we clung to it and not put” — says Tatiana. She added that among the villagers there are those who every day goes to Okhotsk to work and every time they have to engage in a verbal altercation with the inspectors to cross the river.

According to her, the people on the bus to get from the Arch to the river Hunting, crossing by boat to the other shore, out in their cars or taxi ride 120 kilometers to the district center of Okhotsk. In the Arch there are between 600 to 800 people.

According to unconfirmed reports, said Reshetnikov, the post fishery inspection will last until October 19. The village came to the police to find out circumstances of incident, when one of the inspectors urge local residents to the carbine.

“They drink every day, and they still do here,” said the woman.

The head of the administration of ARKA rural settlement Sergey Mikhailov in an interview with “” said that with the leadership of the Agency agreed that their employees will act within the law and will cease to interfere with the local population. Besides this single incident, other clashes were not, he said.

Earlier, on 9 October, Mikhailov reported that the unknown in the form of the inspectors of the Agency a few weeks kept a blockade of the village of ARKA in the Khabarovsk territory, cutting off the only land route to Okhotsk. The men were aggressive and demanded the inspection of belongings.