Italian prisoners escaped after lunch with the Pope

In the Italian Bologna after a charity dinner to mark the arrival of Pope Francis were missing two inmates. This writes Il Resto del Carlino.

As noted, the guests were invited thousands of people. After the event the officers discovered that two a native of Naples, considered socially dangerous recidivists, escaped.

In September the Pope, who was on an Apostolic visit to Colombia, suffered during a trip in the popemobile. The car was moving through the streets, which have accumulated thousands of pilgrims, and at some point slammed on the brakes. Because of this, the head of the Roman Catholic Church was hit face on metal stand supporting the glass roof. 80-year-old Pope Francis was a cut left eyebrow, the blood got on his clothes. The motorcade made an emergency stop, the Pope treated the wound. Later in his cheek and eyebrow there was a bruise.