Employees of the new York restaurant was fired for “putinburg”

Employees of the new York restaurant was fired for “putinburg”

In a new York restaurant Lucy’s Cantina Royale fired the bartender Daria, Auto and waitress Tamara Ilizarov for filming in the report RT and the organization “shares” the birthday of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin. About RBC said the representative of the restaurant’s Shawn Ryan.

“Our restaurant has never celebrated the birthday of Vladimir Putin in any form, and never suggested “Burger Putin”, — said the representative of the institution. Previously, the TV channel “Rain” reported that the bartender was temporarily suspended from work pending investigation.

The plot of the 1952 Burger weighing grams, cooked by the restaurant in honor of the birthday of Putin, was published on the website of the Agency Ruptly (owned by RT) 7 Oct. The material is widely dispersed in the Russian media and was shown on television.

Later, the channel was removed from YouTube video about new York restaurant: the story was a fake. Videoagentstvo acknowledged inaccuracies in the video: “We are grateful to our audience for bringing attention to the disparity in our history,” said Ruptly.