The network has collected a list of the most disgusting moments at weddings

The network has collected a list of the most disgusting moments at weddings

Reddit users, among whom were staff of event agencies and member guests events, joint efforts have created an online collection of strange things that can happen during a wedding ceremony.

The list of awkwardness came in drunk dismantlings, poisoning confetti and a public admission of infidelity.

“During his speech the father of the groom started to talk about how his new wife better than the previous. He continued and continued, until they reached the comparative analysis of the qualities of Asian and white women. Never in my life have I so intensely not staring at our shoes,” — said a user under the nickname Vadersballhair.

The user UknowNOTHINjon shared the story about how stepfather of the bride tried to hit her with a chair to the head. “Then the whole room just fought with each other, the best man kicked the mother of the bride. At another wedding some freak was bitten by the DJ because he refused to put the desired song,” he added.

User theorangepanda99 told that at the wedding, where he visited an eight year old boy decided to eat confetti. He ate so much that it began to vomit in the middle of the ceremony.

In July, Reddit users shared the most unfortunate options for filling in the womens profiles on Dating sites, which, according to them, scare the men. The most popular was the assumption that males are annoying signature like “I’m a Princess” or “I need to be treated like a Princess.”