The activists of the SERB again broke a memorial Board Nemtsov in Central Moscow

A memorial plaque to Boris Nemtsov, installed in the center of Moscow, again foiled and took it to the police, the SERB activists, told TASS on Wednesday, 11 October, its leader Igor Beketov.

According to Beketov, a commemorative plaque was hung on the wall of the house №9 in St. Clement’s lane, which never lived the Germans, and the locals don’t like it.

Participants SERB demanded to bring illegally installs in place of the signs people accountable.

On 13 September, a source in the Moscow mayor’s office has proposed to place a memorial sign to Boris Nemtsov in the entrance of the house in which he lived, and thereby avoid the conflict.

Vice-mayor Leonid Pechatnikov reminded that there is a certain order of installation of memorable signs in the capital, fixed by the decision of the city government, and non-compliance leads to removal.

A plaque in memory of zastresenom 27 February 2015, on the Big Moskvoretsky bridge policy Boris Nemtsov appeared on the facade of the house №9 on Klimentovsky pereulok 7 September. The Germans lived in the neighboring building, having this building’s overall facade. Few days, a memorial sign ripped activists of the SERB. Opposition leader Ilya Yashin, in response, announced the availability of spare plates, which will soon appear in the same place.