The robber barely escaped from the workers of the post office in Tomsk

Post office “Zonal station”

In Tomsk attacked a post office robber barely managed to escape from the hands of three of his workers. This is stated in the press release of the Russian post, received by the editors”.ru” on Wednesday, October 11.

The police conducts search of the malefactor and his accomplice, waiting at the entrance to the office car. The staff of the liaison office will submit to the corporate award.

The man, armed with pepper spray, tried to steal from the cash register of the post office in tray with money in the middle of the day on Tuesday, October 10. “However, an employee of the post office — the chief and two operators — gave a fitting rebuff to the attacker. They were able to knock the spray can and a container of cash from hands of the malefactor”, — is noted in the text.

As a result of incident nobody has suffered, the office works in a regular mode.

Earlier, in September, according to the Post, the employee of the liaison office in Tomsk academic campus, along with two passers-by detained the shooter at the Windows mail man.

Summer court in Voronezh gave three-year suspended sentence 30-to the summer local who tried to Rob a grocery store with a gun, but overawed in front of the saleswoman. The woman refused to comply with the requirements of the attacker, even under gunpoint, and the robber fled the scene with nothing.