About 450 suburban yards liberated from captured residents Parking spaces

About 450 suburban yards liberated from the self-captured vehicles from the beginning of the year as a result of joint raids suburban Gosadmtekhnadzor, police and municipal employees. On Wednesday, October 11, “the Tape.ru” reported in the regional government.

“Another concomitant problem is the squatting cars in the yards of residents of the unauthorized installation of fences,” — said the head of the Main Department of state administrative and technical supervision of the Moscow region Tatiana Vimosewa. She stressed that each citizen has an equal right outfitted in his yard vehicles.

All, according to her, in the first nine months for Parking in the wrong places, the inspector has written more than 10 thousand penalties for the sum more than 15 million rubles. Most of the complaints received on Parking in yards in residential areas and on streets and near transport hubs at railway platforms.

On 25 may, the Governor of Moscow region Andrei Vorobyov said that the region lacks about 300 thousand Parking spaces. He noted that municipal officials are actively engaged in the creation of Parking spaces. The head of the region stressed that the authorities and the traffic police should ensure that residents are not put cars on pedestrian areas.

Currently, the amount of the fine for Parking on the lawn is five thousand rubles for individuals of 50 thousand rubles for officials and 100 thousand rubles for legal entities.