The inhabitant of the Omsk region tried to escape from his wife with friends and drowned

Investigators Omsk region started checking into the death of 35-year-old man. He drowned in the river of Osh, trying to escape from his wife and her friends. On Monday, October 9, according to

According to the newspaper, the incident occurred on Saturday evening, 7 October. A resident of Kolosovka spent time with his friends and drank alcohol when they came for him, wife with friends. They took him up home, but in that moment, when the company passed the bridge over the Osh, the man escaped and jumped into the river. “The water is cold and quickly recovered and began to shout, calling for help,” but women have not dared to jump after him and called the police.

“While the boat took to the water, the man still screaming. But when came to the place where he had seen the last time it above water was gone. The victim went to the bottom, and his body was carried away by a strong current”, — said the publication of the investigator Matthew Zalivin.

Specifies that the body of the deceased was found.

In may, the Bashkir the White river drowned the inhabitant of Sterlitamak after the funeral of a drowned friend, who were killed in the same place a year earlier.