Former Deputy Minister of culture Pirumov was released in the courtroom

Former Deputy Minister of culture Pirumov was released in the courtroom

The court sentenced to 1.5 years years in prison former Deputy Minister of culture Gregory Pirumov and released in a court hall in connection with the completion of the term. The official was accused of stealing more than 164 million rubles in the restoration of architectural monuments.

Dorogomilovsky court of Moscow has sentenced to one and a half years in a penal colony, former Deputy Minister of culture Gregory Pirumov and freed him in court in connection with the departure of term of punishment, the correspondent of RBC.

Pirumov was accused on business about theft of more than 164 million rubles allocated for the restoration of architectural landmarks, including Novodevichy and St. John the Baptist monastery in Moscow. This decision was made by judge Galina Malanina, the correspondent of RBC. In the dock — eight people, five of whom, including Pirumov, before the verdict had been detained.

The judge reviewed the case in a special order — without research of proofs, since all participants of criminal group pleaded guilty. In six episodes of fraud in especially large size (part 4 of article 159 of the criminal code). The trial took three days.

Stealing estates and monasteries

In 2012, the officials of the Ministry of culture appeared intent on the systematic theft of money allocated for the restoration of monuments of culture, said in the indictment that at the first meeting read by the representative of the Prosecutor’s office. The scheme was established by Pirumov, Director of property management, the Ministry of culture Boris Mazo, the head of FSUE Tsentrrestavratsiya Oleg Ivanov and other officials.

In the scheme of plunder they involved real estate developers, which was headed by their friends, including the head of the group of companies “Baltstroy” Dmitry Sergeyev, the head of subsidiaries “Baltstroj” Alexander Kochenov and Mr Swanbeck, co-owner of the holding company “Rospan” Nikita Kolesnikov.

Pirumov identify objects subject to restoration, and provide merchants, who were in cahoots with him, the ability to win tenders for work. The group members divided among themselves the stolen funds. In the acts of acceptance of the frauds included false information to hide the discrepancy in the cost of work outcome. The Commission of the Ministry of culture ignored these facts with the filing of Pirumova.

Thus, the group stole the funds allocated for the restoration of the Pskov drama theatre, mansions of the manufacturers Aseeva in the Tambov region, the fortress of Frederick the Great in Kaliningrad, Novodevichy and John the Baptist monasteries in the Moscow Museum of cosmonautics in Kaluga. On each of the monuments, the budget has lost 2.2 million 66.9 million rubles.

“Each of those who are in the dock, and word, and deed, proved that he is ready to become on a correction way” — said the Prosecutor in oral argument. The only one who’s not quite convinced her his remorse is Pirumov. That is why the Prosecutor felt it possible to assign the real a period of five years in prison; for the rest it has requested probation from two years to 4.5 years. “In my opinion, I clearly said about his repentance,” retorted the former Deputy Minister.

The defendants have fully indemnified the damage to the budget, reminded in the debate, the representative of the Ministry of culture, which is in fact the injured party. He requested all defendants suspended sentences of 1.5 to 4.5 years. “The fact of the crime does not reset the professional achievements and merit Pirumov, M. Ivanov and others. Such achievements and services definitely there,” — said the representative of the Ministry of culture.

“I shall no longer be civil servants”