In China preparing for the Congress of the Communist party. What to expect from him?

In China preparing for the Congress of the Communist party. What to expect from him?

Every five years the China selects new leaders of the party and the members of the Communist Parliament.

In mid-October, the delegates of the Communist party of China (CPC) will come from all over the country in the great hall of the people in Beijing.

The Congress choose the party’s leaders, who will decide the fate of 1.3 billion people — most of whom do not have the right to vote and to manage the economy, occupying second place in the world.

The 19th Congress of the CPC opens 18th October. He is expected major changes in the party leadership. The current leader of the CPC and head of state XI Jinping is likely to remain at the helm.

What does the Politburo?

The Congress consists of 2,300 people, but this time he was selected only 2287 delegates. It is reported that the reason for this “misconduct” of other 13.

Behind closed doors members of Congress will choose a new part of the powerful Central Committee will be made up of about 200 people.

The Committee, in turn elects the members of the Politburo, of which will be formed its standing Committee.

These are the main people in China who make key decisions. The Politburo includes 24 people, and a standing Committee of seven, however, these figures vary from year to year.

Formal party vote, but in reality many of these people are pre-selected by the existing leaders, and the Committee simply confirms their choice.

The Central Committee elects the party leader and the Secretary — General who simultaneously holds the post of Chairman of the PRC. Now that XI Jinping, who will likely remain in his position.

What to expect this year?