The veteran died in a rotten house after 12 years of fighting for new housing

Vladimir Ruchkin

92-year-old veteran of the great Patriotic war Vladimir Ruchkin died in the emergency house in the suburban village of Isakovo for Sunday, “Vesti”. The last 12 years, the man vainly sought to improve housing conditions.

“A week before entering the hospital, he said, behold, I and the apartment didn’t live, so I didn’t give”, — said the publication of the daughter of the veteran Ekaterina Volkova.

The struggle with the administration of Solnechnogorsk district for the provision prescribed by law apartments he led since 2005. Together with a paralyzed wife, he lived in a wooden house without a bathroom: the toilet was located in the yard. Officials did not want to accept housing emergency and demanded that Ruchkin paid for appropriate examination of 30 thousand rubles.

“We were sitting in line, no matter that he was a veteran of world war II, we went to Quebec with him, not in a single instance. It was hard, it was hard for him, he walked with a cane, but he went, he was waiting — he was waiting for,” said the publication of the relative Ruchkin Love Papikyan.

In may 2017 the Investigative Committee in the Moscow region in respect of the administration brought a criminal case under article 293 “the Negligence”.

According to the Federal law “On veterans” of 12 January 1995, disabled people and participants of the great Patriotic war and their relatives in case of their death, are eligible for state housing. In 2016, RIA Novosti became known that the program will close with 2018: the State Duma Committee on housing policy and housing is not planned for this and next year under the article money, explaining the reduction in the number of veterans who need better housing conditions.