Cossack ataman made a drunken brawl and smashed in the sauna

Oleg Mazhara

In the Sverdlovsk region drunken Cossack ataman staged a riot after he was stopped by the traffic police and offered to take a breathalyzer test. On Friday, October 6, reports

The incident occurred on the night of October 5 in Sredneuralsk. The police suspected the ataman of the Cossack troops of the village of Reigning of Oleg, the Mazhar that he sat behind the wheel in an alcohol intoxication.

“To refute this, the man asked to breathe into the device — breathalyzer, but the man from examination refused,” — said the publication of the official representative of the Moi of Russia in Sverdlovsk region Valery Burnt.

Not wanting to surrender to the security forces, the chieftain decided to hide from them in the near – sauna. The staff did not let the Cossacks, after which he took a rock and broke the window to climb up but couldn’t. Mazhar tried to hack the next door to the car wash when he was detained by the traffic police.

According to the portal “district 8” with the arrest of the ataman claimed that it “otmazhut” high-ranking patrons of the city administration.

In regards Mazhar brought the case under article 12.26 of the administrative code “Failure by driver of the vehicle the requirement to undergo medical examination for intoxication”.