French “Jihadi-grandmother” received a ten-year term for helping ISIS

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A court in France sentenced a 51-year-old Christine rivière, better known as “Jihadi-grandma” to ten years in prison for supporting the terrorist organization “Islamic state” (IG, is prohibited in Russia). On it informs Agency Reuters.

The woman was arrested in 2014 after her third trip to Syria where she went after his son, Tyler Vilius. Rivière explained that he wanted to spend more time with him because he could be killed.

The investigation proved that the “Jihadi-grandma” not only demonstrated the strong commitment of the IG, but also helped to establish a logistics network of terrorists. “Instead of trying to get your son, it seems, on the contrary, you encouraged him,” said the judge after the verdict.

Vilius is also in custody. It is suspected that he held the key post in the IG, leading Francophone militants. In addition, the authorities do not rule out his involvement in the organization and execution of terrorist attacks in Paris in 2015.

On 6 August the interior Minister of France Gerard Colomb said about staying in the country 271 people with experience of fighting on the side of Islamist groups in Syria and Iraq. According to him, of those currently in the country of former fighters, 54 are minors. Some of them are already in custody.