Wayne Rooney has begun to free painting of benches

British footballer Wayne Rooney has started to work out 100 hours of compulsory work assigned by the court for driving while intoxicated. Reported by the Daily Mail.

The journalists found a striker of the Liverpool club Everton dye bench in the garden of a nursing home near his home at a cost of six million pounds in the city of Prestbury (Cheshire).

Rooney was detained September 1, with a certain Laura Simpson. The breathalyzer showed a threefold excess of the permissible level of alcohol. The athlete pleaded guilty.

The next day his pregnant wife Colleen left home along with three children.

Rooney is the most successful player in the history of England. On account of his 53 goals in 119 matches. This summer, the player stopped playing for the national team. In a week he earns 150 thousand pounds.