The bear attacked the man in the centre of the Siberian city

In the centre of the city of Nizhneudinsk, Irkutsk region, a man attacked by a bear, the news Agency IrkutskMedia on Friday, October 6.

The predator struck a young man on the back.

“In order to ensure the safety of local residents to place promptly arrived crew patrol-sentry duty, traffic police and Regardie”, — told the Agency in a regional cupola MIA.

Police shot and killed the animal. The victim escaped with minor scratches.

How forest predator was in the center of the city, is not specified.

23 Sep bear attacked two children-twins who played on the helipad in the village of hat on the Taimyr Peninsula. The girl managed to escape and the predator dragged him into the bushes and killed. The beast was shot by local residents.

August 11, Sverdlovsk oblast, 44-year-old Alexander Lopakhin managed without a weapon to fend off attacking him in the woods of a bear. The man came across the predator, when collecting mushrooms. The beast attacked him, but suffered a series of blows to the head sent the bear down. Received rigid repulse the animal retreated, and Lopakhin with lacerations of the head was taken to the hospital by the fellow villager.