In Japan poisonous hornets got eaten to death the woman with a disability

In Japan, 87-year-old woman died after was attacked by a swarm of hornets-suzumebachi. It is reported Japan Today.

The tragedy occurred when the old lady accompanied by a social worker back home. At this point, she was attacked by a swarm of insects.

The medic tried to protect the ward, but he was also attacked and was forced to retreat. Nevertheless, he called an ambulance which took the victim to the hospital. However, to save the woman failed. On her body the doctors counted about 150 insect bites.

On 21 September, the pupils of one of schools of Tallinn was attacked OS. Teachers and pupils of the nõmme district, celebrated the anniversary of the institution, the stadium was host to the photography. “Touched a hornet’s nest. Wasps were annoyed because of the traffic and began to sting passing students and teachers, as well as flew to school”, — stated in the message.

Teachers escort children to classes, and victims — the doctor’s office, where the children were given first aid. Later, students were sent home and the school cleaned from insects. Wasp nest neutralized the squad.