The Nobel peace prize was given for the fight against nuclear weapons

Protest of the organization ICAN

The Nobel peace prize was awarded to an international organization is ICAN that is fighting for the prohibition of nuclear weapons. This was reported on the website of the Nobel Committee.

“We live in a world where the risk of use of nuclear weapons is higher than ever in a long time. Some States are modernizing their nuclear arsenals, and there is a danger that the new countries try to obtain nuclear weapons — an example of this behavior shows North Korea”, — reads the statement of the Committee.

It is noted that biological and chemical weapons are banned but nuclear is not. And because the countries possessing them, you need to enter into negotiations on gradual and careful destruction of almost all 15 thousand of these weapons.

In the Committee’s opinion, the Treaty on the nonproliferation of nuclear weapons will remain the main legal tool to reduce the number of nuclear warheads in the world.