Valuev felt the 2018 world Cup eaten healthier pensions

Nikolai Valuev

Thanks to major sporting events in Russia changed the attitude to the sport, said the Deputy of the state Duma Nikolai Valuev. The opinion he expressed in an interview with newspaper “Sports day after day”.

The MP asked a lot whether Russia takes upon himself, spending during the crisis, the Olympics and the world Cup. Valuev did not agree with this point of view.

In this author interview noticed that many people think otherwise, offering, for example, to raise pensions. “Well, would eat these pensions, that’s all. How would they have enough? All these opinions around… do not want to comment,” — said the Deputy.

As stated in the government construction of Olympic facilities for the 2014 Games in Sochi has cost 214 billion rubles, of which 99 billion was allocated from the budget; this amount does not include funds spent on the creation of the city’s necessary infrastructure (about 1.3 trillion rubles). The total estimate for preparation and holding of world football championship-2018 in may of this year reached 643,5 billion.

Currently in Russia there are 43 million pensioners, of which about one third (about 14 million) — working. The average pension in 2017 is around 13.7 thousand rubles.