The killer of Las Vegas fired a fuel storage

Stephen Paddock

The killer from Las Vegas Stephen Paddock fired at the tanks with aviation fuel, which could lead to an explosion. Reported by the Las Vegas Review-Journal, citing security sources.

According to interlocutors of publication, the tank was hit by two bullets. One of them struck the wall of the tank, but this did not lead to fire or detonation.

Storage area and also houses several aircraft hangars. FBI agents ran ballistic tests and determined the trajectory of the bullets. Holes in tanks are already patched.

According to respondents edition experts, the storage of aviation fuel have special fire protection. “You will not blow up the fuel tank, even if you put him with machine gun fire. A large amount of fuel very difficult to ignite. To rely on such a result can only be an Amateur,” said one of the interlocutors edition.

The fuel tanks are located about 350 meters from the place where took place a concert of country music on visitors who 1 Oct 64-year-old American Steven Paddock opened fire with automatic weapons. The shooter was on the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay hotel. Because of his actions killed 59 people, injured more than 500. Paddock killed himself before his room raided by police.

In his room was found 23 weapons, including 19 guns, thousands of rounds, and at his home in Mesquite (Nevada) police found explosives and its components.