The oldest refugee in the world temporarily allowed to stay in Sweden

A Swedish court has allowed to remain in the country 106-year-old immigrant from Afghanistan Bibical Uzbeks, despite the government’s decision to deport her. About it reports The Local.

Uzbeks are allowed to stay in Sweden for up to 13 months, after which she can ask to extend their stay in the country. The court made the decision, guided by her advanced age and health condition of the Uzbeks. It is also known that the permission to stay in Sweden asked the members of her family.

In the migration service of Sweden said that, as a rule, age is not the basis for receiving protection from the state. The Ministry also reported, that despite the serious situation in Afghanistan, the conflict in this country has not reached the level at which any resident of this country may seek asylum in Sweden.

On 5 September it became known that the Swedish authorities refused the Uzbeks in the petition to remain in the country. After blind woman announced the impending deportation, her health even more shaken.

To get to Sweden the woman helped her son and grandson. In Europe family the Uzbeks arrived in 2015, and before that for eight years she lived illegally in Iran, which ran from Afghanistan.

The family lived in Kunduz province, which suffers violent clashes between Afghan security forces and militants of the movement “Taliban” (banned in Russia).

In 2016 in Sweden was processed 12 thousand applications of Afghans asylum, four thousand were rejected at the first stage of consideration.