The head of Kuban has told about the victory over the Valentines

Veniamin Kondratiev

The Governor of Krasnodar Krai Veniamin Kondratiev said that the region is “no more Valentines and halloweek”. It was announced at the all-Russian forum of the registered Cossack troops, writes “the”.

According to Kondratieff, to achieve such a result was possible thanks to the lessons of history and education in the spirit of patriotism. “The ideology of the Cossacks applicable to modern realities, and we see it in our region. We fight for culture, singing our Cossack songs. And Kuban is no longer Valentines and hallowing” he said.

The newspaper reminds that earlier the Governor already criticized Halloween. So, two years ago in his Twitter he wrote that “in Russia is not celebrated”. “And I think it is unlikely the Kuban, who on may 9 marched in columns of “Immortal regiment”, need Halloween,” — said Kondratiev.

Recent years, the Ministry of education and science of Krasnodar Krai recommends that you do not celebrate Halloween in schools, and the rector of the Krasnodar Church of the Nativity father Alexander (Ignatov) called this holiday “disguised sacrifice.”

“How can you act like Europeans, who have long and lawfully enter into same-sex marriages? Moreover, these people adopt children! This is wrong, and we should not hide behind the word “tolerance”. These corruption — the direct road to sodomy”, he said.