The employees of the station “mined” the client, the Complainant in the Urals

A resident of the city of Rezh in Sverdlovsk region Ekaterina Fedyaeva found under the hood on the engine of his car a container of flammable liquid under pressure, which there supposedly accidentally left after washing the staff car “Premium maintenance.” About it the woman told the publication

“The requirements to wash under the hood, and the more open it was not. Think it was done intentionally,” she said.

Before that, Fedyaeva complained about the dirt, which the workers of the service station left after replacing the glass on the hull. As an apology she got a free car wash. However, noticing the scratches on the body, the woman wrote another complaint.

In the administration of the service history is not commented.

In March 2016, disappeared and was later found murdered Director of the plant in Chelyabinsk Alexey Zavarukhin. According to investigators, the man shot shotgun an employee of a local garage, who first took Zavarukhina in debt, and then promised to repair the machine. When the businessman arrived to pick up the car, the work was not yet completed and between men there was a conflict.