Shooting in Las Vegas had been carefully planned, the authorities did not consider the incident a terrorist attack

Shooting in Las Vegas had been carefully planned, the authorities did not consider the incident a terrorist attack

NEW YORK, 3 Oct. /TASS/. The number of victims of the massacre 64-year-old Steven Paddock in Las Vegas (Nevada) on Sunday evening, has increased to 59 people, the number of victims amounted to 527 people.


President Donald trump called the incident “an act of absolute evil” and the bloodiest crime of this kind in the recent history of the United States. The head of state announced the decision to travel to the scene of the tragedy on 4 October to meet with relatives of victims and law enforcement officers first came to the aid of those under attack people.

The attacker fired longer than an hour

The competent authorities of the United States are urged not to jump to conclusions and do not see the attack as a terrorist background. The representative office of the Federal Bureau of investigation (FBI) in Las Vegas Aaron rouse at a press conference on Monday said the lack of information on the relationship of Stephen Paddock with international terrorist groups. According to the Sheriff of Las Vegas Joseph Lombardo, the preliminary results of the investigation indicate the case of the hands of criminals, loners, for reasons that defy easy explanation. “I currently can’t figure out what was on the mind of a psychopath,” said the Sheriff.

The picture has been supplemented with new details, although many questions remain unanswered. According to police, the attacker checked into room at Mandalay Bay by presenting your papers on September 28, and since the maids didn’t do the cleaning in his room on the 32nd floor. The paddock unaided carried 16 guns and stocked with a hammer, which broke the window of a high-strength glass in their room. The window overlooking the Strip — the main street of the city, would not open from the inside.

Special forces officers, after ascertaining the location of the arrow, used explosives to open the door and enter a room. Paddock shot just before the guards.

It should be clarified that the police conducts searches in the room of the offender at the hotel, in his car and home in Mesquite (NV), as well as another building on the North of the state. In particular, the car was discovered ammonium nitrate (nitrate), suitable for the manufacture of explosive devices.

Journalists have calculated that since the first disturbing call to the police and to the storming of the special forces was 1 hour 12 minutes.

Judging by sound recording what is happening, shots were fired in long bursts at intervals sufficient to remove the empty magazine and insert a loaded. The distance was up to 400 meters, according to CNN, the offender has equipped itself in two firing positions, which indicates thorough preparation, composure, composure and ability to handle weapons.