Vorobyov instructed to control the start of heating in the suburbs

Andrei Vorobyov

The Governor of Moscow region Andrei Vorobyov has ordered to control the start of the heating season in the region. It is reported RIAMA Monday, October 2.

“I gave the command again to draw the attention of municipalities on a mandatory presence of heat in all objects of social sphere and proceed to the start of heating in apartment buildings. This work must be keep under control and report to me regularly,” — said Vorobyov at the meeting with the leadership of the regional government.

On September 19, the Governor said that only in the consolidated budget of Moscow region in 2017 in preparation for the winter has provided more than 20 billion rubles. “This is money for infrastructure, major repairs, purchase of required stocks of fuel,” he said.

The heating season in kindergartens, schools and polyclinics the Moscow region started on 1 October.