Most sexy works inspired the Bible

Most sexy works inspired the Bible

Christian Church today (and all times) is struggling for morality, but many writers have interpreted the Bible is not so chastely.

Playboy says about the Bible-based works, in which sex played a key role.

A. S. Pushkin “Gavriiliada”

This poem, written by Pushkin in his youth, studied at the school. And no wonder: the children try to imagine a romanticized image of “the sun of Russian poetry”, although the great number of his works he appears in the role of blasphemer, a libertine and a bully. Specifically because of this poem he even had some kind of trouble: distributed exclusively in lists, it gained such popularity that Pushkin was summoned for questioning in the Interim, the Supreme Commission. And if at first he works denied, then later acknowledged authorship, reported directly to Emperor Nicholas I.

The poem is very interesting played up the story of the immaculate conception — however here it is extremely vicious: it turns out, says the poet, Maria was a very sexy girl was not averse to have fun, not only does God the father (in the form of a dove, of course), but also the angel Gabriel (which in fact was simply to announce to the virgin that she liked his “boss”) and even Satan — all and, most importantly, in one day. Tired Mary, summing up, utters the following sentence:

“That’s what mischief!
One, two, three! — how is it not lazy?
I can say, I suffered anxiety:
I got in the same day.
The evil one, the Archangel and God.

Got Alexander in the end, a daring erotic Comedy with a hint of bestiality, but to read it you should definitely (at least to speak to his wife and then say, “I still do, not too vulgar, but Pureskin…”).

O. Wilde “Salome”

The story writers really love: Oscar Wilde is not the only one who dedicated a work to the story of a devastatingly beautiful Princess for a dance where king Herod promised her anything, and to my horror had to give the head of the prophet Iokanaan (and Herod naively hoped that the girl will be materialistic and ask for half the Kingdom. Ha!).

Actually in the Bible just about this case says very little: it don’t even give the girl’s name, it first appears at some of the historian Josephus. The play is generally very good: blood (lots of blood!) erotica (alas, quite easy) and madness against the background of ancient Judea are the perfect picture — especially if you imagine the dance performed by Salome, as dancing “the seven veils”, a very interesting kind of Striptease in which the girl step by step gets rid of all the seven, as the name suggests, the unnecessary bits of matter.

In short, if you’re a fan of “Game of thrones” and read all that is already out of the George Martin — this play may you pleasantly surprised.

The Marquis de Sade “120 days of Sodom, or the School of debauchery”

Although this book directly to the biblical story has a very indirect relationship (and pleasant reading it can hardly be called), we, by making this list, couldn’t pass “the dirtiest ever told stories.” Let’s start with the obvious: her title immediately refers to the biblical legend about the city of Sodom (he was according to tradition destroyed by God for the depravity perpetrated by its inhabitants — it is interesting how in this case our planet even still exist?).

Plot: four wealthy perverts are closed in a secluded castle with four moderateincome brothel and 46 victims (mostly teenagers and young men), and Frank stories first interspersed with sophisticated orgies with the participation of the second. The situation is heating up, and at some point sexual perversion are replaced by brutal murders.

De Sade wrote (or rather, started to write, the book was not completed) this story during his imprisonment in the Bastille, and the capture of the fortress the manuscript was lost. The Marquis was sure that forever and were very upset — but then she was found and even a couple of centuries later published, and in many languages. Needless to say, however, that in some countries, the novel was banned? Surprisingly, it is still freely available.