The rate of emigration. How does the Green Card lottery

The rate of emigration. How does the Green Card lottery

Not so long ago Donald trump threatened to cancel the Green Card lottery and to deprive everyone of the opportunity to get a “freebie” residence in the United States. Aify tells how to participate in the draw and whether it will be in 2017.

The “shop” closed down?

The “American dream” can be a Russian man, and some by hook or by crook trying to go to USA for a better life. But doing so is difficult. Suitors with citizenship don’t grow on trees, to get a job there is not easy and a million dollars, for insertion in the local economy, is not for everyone. Therefore, the most simple and affordable option is the Green Card lottery. Participation is free, and to submit the application at least every year. Besides, it does not need to master English enough to know how to spell their own name, and be able to use an online translator.

However, it is possible that in the near future this “shop” back. Not long ago, Donald trump proposed to change the rules for obtaining “green cards”. Together with the two senators, he developed the bill, The Raise Act, which provides for the abolition of the lottery to obtain a residence permit. According to him, among the contenders for the Green Card will no longer be random people selected “blind” way using a computer. Potential migrants will be assessed by the point system.

The advantage will go to those foreigners who have a high level of English, a stable income and beneficial for the United States the profession.

The US President believes that the existence of the lottery harms the economy of the country, as she come to America by unskilled migrants, many of whom can’t get a normal job. They occupy low-paid positions and take seats at the native American workaholic. Besides, applying for social benefits. According to trump, The Raise Act would help to reduce poverty, increase wages, and save billions of taxpayer dollars.

But until the law came into force, Russians have the opportunity to move to America. To apply for the lottery is available from 3 October to 7 November 2017. Playing the “green card” will be in 2019. To learn about the results will be the first of may 2018.

What is the Green Card lottery?

Green Card is an identification card attesting that a person who is not a citizen of the United States, have a residence permit and the right to employment.

With this map, the migrant gets the same opportunities as native American.

And the Internet lottery called “diversity lottery”, abbreviated DV. It is held annually since 1990 to attract people from countries least represented in the United States. That is, the Ministry of national security looks, how many immigrants arrived in America from a state, and permits to participate only those who have the number of moved citizens will not exceed 50 thousand 12 months. Thus, DV-2019 ruled out Brazil, Canada, part of China, Colombia, India and others. Russia in this list has not got. She was there from 2005 to 2009. And in 2010 the Russians are allowed to try your luck.

To participate in the raffle you need to fill out an application on the official website This is the only resource that gives you the chance to obtain a residence permit in America. All the other portals, which are many on the Internet, this is a phishing attempt. It is important to know that DV has no official offices and centers, so to call there, or write, no one can. The organizers of this sweepstakes is not associated with the participants and do not require from them any fees, as check it free of charge.