“Killers” Anne Frank find by using big data

“Killers” Anne Frank find by using big data

Ex-FBI agent and 19 the forensic experts will find using the methods of Big Data the traitors of Anne Frank, on the denunciation which German police had found refuge family of a Jewish girl in 1944. About it reports The Guardian.

After the occupation of Holland by Nazi Germany, Anne Frank together with her family hid from the Nazi terror in one of the Amsterdam houses. There they along with other Jews remained in hiding until 1944. In August 1944 after being denounced by the Dutch anonymous informant German police discovered the hiding place and arrested the occupants, sending them to Auschwitz. The names of the traitors so far have not been able to find out. Now specialists under the leadership of ex-FBI agent Vince Pancake use the latest investigative techniques, including big data, to find the traitors to the family of Anne Frank.

The house-Museum of Anne Frank in Amsterdam was provided to researchers at the archives. He Pankok found new evidence, after reviewing the recently declassified documents of the National archives of the United States. The specialist was able to find lost records of the security service of the Reichsfuhrer-SS made the arrests. They contain documents pertaining to the case of Anne Frank.

I spent a lot of time in the National archives of the United States and found lost documents from Amsterdam. Some of them are damaged by water or fire. We found a list of names of those arrested on the denunciation of traitors, Jews, lists of the names of informers and Gestapo agents who lived in Amsterdam.Vince Pancakes-FBI agent

Specialists work together with Xomnia, specializing in the processing and analysis of big data. “The volume of data is huge. At the moment it is at least 20-25 km files. To make all this data relevant, you need to turn to artificial intelligence,” said Pakak.

Experts will unveil the results of its investigation on August 4, 2019 for the 75th anniversary of the arrest of the family of Anne Frank.